• We are very much aware that education is the single most important factor which can transform society.

  • We believe in the right to education of all children.

  • Our Education projects are enabling over 500 children access to quality and affordable education today.

  • Over 800 children have been supported since 2011.

Abato Pre-School

This was our first education project in September 2012.

The Abato Pre-school is a community based Early childhood Education Center offering quality ECD services to hundreds of children in our communities.

Abato Junior School

In 2014 after graduating our first Pre-school class, the community working with Abato Foundation Uganda established the junior school to provide primary education to children in the community starting with those graduating from our Pre-school.

Today Abato Junior school is the best private primary education service provider in the region.


Suubi (Hope) Center

With the continued success of the Abato Pre-school due to its quality and affordability, many children were registered in the program in 2014.

The increase in number and the long distances many had to travel to the Abato School led to the establishment of the Hope Center in 2015. Premised in a formerly abandoned facility, the Ssuubi Early Childhood Education Center was started as a partnership project between the community, the local evangelical church and Abato Foundation Uganda.

Over 75 children are receiving good quality early childhood education at the center today.


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