Abato’s vision is to raise a generation of change makers who will lead in the transformation of our society.

We look at children not as passive participants but as partners in creating the change we desire in our society.

We believe that for every wrong we cannot make right, we can empower someone to correct it as society gradually evolves.

At Abato we believe that how we treat children reveals how much we will progress as a society. Like Nelson Mandela we believe that social development is a function of child development.

Nelson Mandela said “there’s no keener revelation of a society than in the way it treats its children”

We are built upon 3 cardinal values;

Hardwork. There’s no shortcut to success. We firmly believe in working hard to achieve the results we desire. We are guided by the belief that creating impact is a result of selflessness and extra effort
Transparency. Every resource invested in the work of improving livelihoods is put to good use to the satisfaction of everybody
Love. We can’t serve without love. Children are not statistics to report but individuals each crested differently. We share our with love children so as to motivate them to reach their highest potential.